When We Meet

Agree when to meet without hassle

After you create and share your meeting, a virtual assistant gathers preferences, until a date that works for everyone if found.

Without whenwe.me ...

... you have to coordinate

With whenwe.me ...

... you can relax

Create invitation link

Share it

Give preferences

Confirm final date

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Privacy First

Your data belongs to you and we don't share it.

Easy to Join

Guests don't need to create an account.

No Apps

Guests don't have to install anything.

Always Free

You will never pay to organize or join a meeting.


Just press buttons below the chat. No need to learn a complicated tool.

Loads in 0.5s

Graphics is minimal, so that chat opens instantly.

Minimum Hassle

Assistant asks preferences one person at a time and smartly minimizes the number of interactions.

Facebook Messenger

Assistant can send you a message when someone proposes a new date.

Quick Summary

One click shows all your events, guests and whether they confirmed the date.

Fast Create & Join

You don't have to enter your name or contact every time.